Mini Sessions

Minis sessions are offered seasonally//
first come, first serve

Frequently check below and my social media accounts
for mini session opportunities!

What is a mini session anyway?

  • short and sweet and gives you a little glimpse into what I do
  • offered certain times of the year for families and couples who want something quick and only want a couple images (though you may purchase additional images if you'd like)
  • mini sessions are all on the same day and run back-to-back so I can see as many of you as I possibly can--and in one location (this also helps lower the session price since I'm not driving to see each family at a different location)!

Let's compare...

Mini Session


-15 or 20 minutes
-10-20 images (can purchase additional images)
-Photographer chooses location
-Sessions before + after
-Pros: Most affordable session option, short and sweet

Half Session


-30 minutes
-40+ images (no additional purchase necessary)
-Client chooses location
-Stand alone session for you!
-Pros: More time which means more variety of poses, backgrounds, etc. Also, tons of final images without having to choose your faves!

Full Session


-60 minutes
-80+ images
-Client chooses location
-Pros: Even MORE time + images! As a former teacher and mom of two, I love half and full sessions for young children. It gives more time for kiddos to warm up + parents to tend to needs that may pop up!