Hi friend, I'm Courtney. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm just a simple gal from Plain City, OH who loves Jesus, my family, flowers, quilts, a good movie, all things cozy, and finding beauty + capturing it on my camera. What started out as a hobby, capturing daily photos of my two kiddos, Rowan David and Lyla Belle, has turned into SO much more! Just a few short years ago I was working full time as a fifth grade teacher, coming home to my husband and two littles wishing I could just stay home with them all day and take pictures. Fast forward to now, and I'm truly living my dream getting to do exactly that! How is this my life now?!?!

I love capturing moments that are meant to be captured, but often aren't. If I've learned anything as a mama, it's that...

1. there's true magic to be found in the mundane +

2. time is a thief!

Why invest in me?

I cherish photos more and more now—especially as a mama. We spend money on so many things that fade and lose their value with time: toys, clothes, shoes, cars...the list goes on. But as I've gotten older, I've realized it's time to start investing my money and time into things that truly matter...my family and my relationships. Getting photos done--whether it be engagement photos, family photos, photos just because, you name it--captures precious moments in time...ones you will never ever get back. The missing teeth, silly smiles, a fresh new baby, an aging grandparent. A lot can change in a year and I will always cherish my photos that I have...to look back on, tell stories about, and show to my babies who may not remember what all went on when they were younger, or a family member who is no longer with us. Images help to tell the stories of our life long after those fleeting moments are gone. Photos are so much more important than we may realize and I would be honored to capture these special moments in time for you!

Get To Know Me!


A.I could eat tacos with chips and queso for the rest of my life.


A.Aside from photography, I love homemaking. I enjoy creating a space--inside and outside-- that our family truly looks forward coming home to. I want it to be a safe haven from the outside world where comfort and connection can be found.


A.I lived in New Zealand for a short time and taught at an all-boys middle school!


A.In a peaceful garden or any place there's mountains or meadows.


A.Slate Run Historical Farm

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